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Let us prepare and file your tax return.

Income taxes can be confusing and time-consuming. Tax Return Preparation offered by Cook Fast Tax helps make preparing and filing your tax returns fast, easy and convenient.

Just bring your W-2, showing your wages earned and we’ll get started. Our professional Tax Preparers will accurately prepare your tax returns in no time. Whether it’s a federal or state return, your Tax Preparer will help you find the tax deductions and credits to reduce your tax bill or even increase your  tax return.

Tax Return Service Cook Fast Cash


Get your tax refund faster.

If you’re eligible for a tax refund, Cook Fast Tax can help you get your refund quickly by filing as early as possible. Electronically filing your taxes soon after receiving your W-2 will ensure your tax return is processed quickly which speeds up your tax return.

More ways to receive your tax return.

You have several options for collecting your tax refund, including direct deposit to your bank account or an electronic refund check (ERC).


Get a FREE income tax evaluation.

Don’t let the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) surprise you! Visit Cook Fast Tax today for a free evaluation of your income taxes. You’ll get the information and service you need to help make the right decision about your taxes.


Don’t have a Social Security Number?

Tax Preparation offered by Cook Fast Tax can help. If you’re filing a U.S. income tax return for the first time, we provide a FREE W-7 processing service to help you obtain your IRS individual tax identification number (ITIN).

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